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I am now completely Sherlocked.
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Entry Two

P.E is┬ádefinitely my worst lesson. Yeah! My group is the low set but I’m telling you there’s only two low set people. Me and my friend Kaine. Th rest of the people in our group are retards and people the teachers didn’t want to deal with. There’s this other guy in my group who seems to think me and my friend are a gay couple for some reason. I’m telling you I’m this close(<->) to giving him a Vulcan Nerve Pinch. Nothing awesome has happened in a few months but I can guarantee that next month from April 16th to April 22nd It’s going to be AWESOME! My school’s having a trip to Germany and I’m going! I can expect many great pictures to upload onto here. Signing off. 12-03-2012


Weekly Book Review 11-03-12

This is my first weekly book review and its going to be about Michael Morpurgo’s ‘War Horse’. As you may know the movie to War Horse came out a few months ago and because of that I read the book to find out what the hubbub was all about. The book is told by Joey the horse and how the world war affected his life. Some aspects of the book reminded me of Anna Sewell’s Black Beauty. The feature of the book that stood out for me is that Morpurgo had some sense of sympathy for what the horses of WW1 went through. Another book had been published prior to the movie’s release called “The Real War Horse’ which is a non-fiction account about the suffering the horses of the trenches endured. Back to subject, War Horse is a beautifully written book which once read will make you feel as though you’ve seen it all.

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