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I am now completely Sherlocked.

Entry Five

Hi Sorry I haven’t been on for a while. Me and Kaine haven’t formally said it but we’ve dropped the YouTube thing. Pretty soon on the 16th I’m going on a school trip to Boppard in Germany. We’ll be staying their for five days and be going to various locations and activities such as the world renown theme park “Phantasialand”. Over the last month I have been saving money for various different things. At first it was a PSP, then a PS3, then a XBOX 360, then a Nintendo DS Lite, then a Nintendo DSi, then a Nintendo 3DS, then an Ipod Touch 4G, then a Wii, then back to XBOX, then back to Ipod Touch 4G and then finally the Nerf Raider CS-35. I kept changing my mind about what I wanted until eventually I realised by the time I had the money for these things it would be Summer and I didn’t want to be cooped up indoors playing video games so I decided what better a summer toy than the Nerf Raider! I currently have enough money for two of them but I’ll just stick with one so I still have money for future plans. Signing off.09/04/2012


Entry Four

Me and my good friend Kaine have decided to launch a Youtube series together. I won’t give it away yet but you can expect the first episode done by the Summer Holidays. Ever since Friday I’ve had a sort of cough and that’s hardly affecting me but it as given me an irritating sore throat, cough and hiccups. I took a Strepsil and you wouldn’t believe the freshness of it in your throat. It’s so fresh that it actually does hurt! It’s like a hand full of mentos into your mouth! Signing off. 19/03/2012 

Permalink Can’t wait for this to come out either.
Permalink Can’t wait for it to come out.

Weekly Book Review 18-03-12

Today’s book review is about The Fire Within by Chris d’Lacey which is the first in the Last Dragon Chronicles. The Last Dragon Chronicles remain as one of my favorite book franchises ever. The list includes Harry Potter, The Wardstone Chronicles, Skullduggery Pleasant and the fun for all ages Mr Gum series. The Fire Within is about a young student named David Rain who’s life changes when he moves in with the Pennykettles. I won’t give away what the book is about because it sounds stupid if I tell you what is. The feature that stands out about it is that d’Lacey can make so much happen and yet still be able carry on with the story line without making it stop making sense. Signing off.


Entry Three

I haven’t been on for a while because I think I’m coming down with something. The upside to that is I’ll be able to miss P.E if it gets worse but still I’ll be ill. Ah well it’s got to be better than P.E. I finished watching Lord Of The Rings The Return of The King yesterday and thought to myself “How can Peter Jackson beat this when the Hobbit Part One comes out?” It can’t be as epic as the trilogy and if it is, how can it be possible? Signing off. 18-03-2012

Permalink This is an owl I held at the 2011 Riverside Festival. It was quite small but bloody hell were it’s talons sharp and tight! If I wasn’t wearing that glove my fingers would have been ripped off.

Entry Two

P.E is definitely my worst lesson. Yeah! My group is the low set but I’m telling you there’s only two low set people. Me and my friend Kaine. Th rest of the people in our group are retards and people the teachers didn’t want to deal with. There’s this other guy in my group who seems to think me and my friend are a gay couple for some reason. I’m telling you I’m this close(<->) to giving him a Vulcan Nerve Pinch. Nothing awesome has happened in a few months but I can guarantee that next month from April 16th to April 22nd It’s going to be AWESOME! My school’s having a trip to Germany and I’m going! I can expect many great pictures to upload onto here. Signing off. 12-03-2012


Weekly Book Review 11-03-12

This is my first weekly book review and its going to be about Michael Morpurgo’s ‘War Horse’. As you may know the movie to War Horse came out a few months ago and because of that I read the book to find out what the hubbub was all about. The book is told by Joey the horse and how the world war affected his life. Some aspects of the book reminded me of Anna Sewell’s Black Beauty. The feature of the book that stood out for me is that Morpurgo had some sense of sympathy for what the horses of WW1 went through. Another book had been published prior to the movie’s release called “The Real War Horse’ which is a non-fiction account about the suffering the horses of the trenches endured. Back to subject, War Horse is a beautifully written book which once read will make you feel as though you’ve seen it all.


My Script for a Doctor Who Episode

  • ( The Doctor is sitting in the Tardis looking at the controls)
  • Doctor: Hmmmmmm. Where next, Hoth or Vulcan?
  • (The Tardis control suddenly bursts into violent flames. The ground shakes and then all the noise stops. The smoke clears and a Sontaran stands pointing a gun at the Doctor.)
  • Sontaran: Doctor! The Bane of Sontar! You will have heard this time and time before but I'm going to kill you!
  • Doctor: No you're not.
  • Sontaran: And how do you figure that then?
  • Doctor: Beeeeeeecauuuuuuuuse... umm...umm
  • Sontaran: SONTAR HA! (The Sontaran blasts his gun at the doctor but he merely flicks the laser away with his sonic screwdriver.)
  • Doctor: Ha! Parred!!!!!
  • Sontaran: SONTAAAAARRR HAAAAAAA!! (He blasts his gun several times and one hits the doctor.)
  • Doctor: Your weapons won't work in here.
  • (The Sontaran tries to teleport out but all that happens is a small whining noise from the controller.)
  • Doctor: Neither will your technology. You have two options. Accept defeat and let me take you back to the battlefield or let me destroy you.
  • Sontaran: HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAH! You're such a fool! I'll kill you with primitive weapons then!
  • (The Sontaran pulls a small blade out of his shoe and throws it at the Doctor.)
  • (The doctor is hit and then dies.)
  • Sontaran: There. I just saved my people a hell lot of shit. Next on my list, Justin Bieber.
  • (The Sontaran then walks out the door and teleports back to Sontar.)

Entry One

I previously uploaded a picture of cupcake holders arranged to ‘look’ like Helm’s Deep, Rohan’s Fortress in the Lord of The Rings, and I’m going to tell the story behind it. The previous day I had started watching the Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy and that day I had watched the Two Towers. It wasn’t the first time I had seen the movies but I’d forgotten what happens so I decided to watch them again. Anyway my sisters decided to make cupcakes with those holders and had and idea. I arranged them so they look like towers and that gave me an idea. I could make a castle! Once it had been built I noticed a slight resemblance between that and Helm’s Deep. I uploaded it onto Tumblr and there. That’s the story. Of course it doesn’t have an obvious resemblance and it may be that it was a subliminal thing but we don’t know about that. Signing off. 11-03-2012

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